Who we are
and what we do

Tal Sandman

Lead Guitar
Born in 1988, Tal Sandman lives in Jaffa, a city by which she is constantly inspired. Sandman research sounds, rhythms and melodies from around the globe. "Listening to music from different cultures and styles gives birth to creation. It's like assembling a puzzle made of recycled, scattered pieces, and there are endless ways of connecting each piece to create a brand new, beautiful image." Sandman's style is inspired by world music. Her style of picking the guitar and employing the tremolo technique are influenced by the way an Oud or Bouzouki are strummed, while string-stretching is influenced by the Sitar and Sarod. Sandman incorporates grooves from all over the world, and cares deeply about moving her audience and allowing them to connect with her to the whole of humanity.

Shay Hazan

Born 1989, Tel-Aviv based Doublebassist, electric bass player and composer Hazan sees himself as a "sound and groove researcher" a thing that has led him to explore different instruments from other cultures beside his electric bass such as the moroccan Guimbri, the Australian Didjeridoo and many kinds of small percussions most of them you can hear in the Sandman Project debut EP and during live concerts. Shay has worked with artists such as Amsterdam based avant-jazz trio BONES, Albert Beger's trio and quartet, as well as various leading Israeli pop singers.

Haim E Peskoff

Born 1987 in Jerusalem, Haim Peskoff has been a professional drummer since the age of 16. Son of well known guitarist Steve Peskoff, Haim was immersed in a variety of music styles with an emphasis on the jazz language from a very young age. Haim has lived in Israel and NYC working as an in demand drummer for various artists, live and in the studio, as well as leading his own projects. He Is deeply interested in rhythm, grooves from different cultures, Jazz and the art of improvisation. Currently Haim is touring around the world with several projects as well as performing and teaching in Israel. You can hear Haim playing with a wide range of projects and artists including: The Hazelnuts,Albert Beger, Anat Fort.

Tal Avraham

Trumpet player located in Jaffa and is outspreading her voice in many different and colorful projects. over time, Sandman Project became Avraham's 'electric sound effects playground' something that goes hand in hand with her lyrical and soulful acoustic trumpet sound and with her approach to music which combines a rich language of improvisation based on freedom and groove, as can be heard in latest collaborations with leading Israeli musicians: Eyal Talmudi quintet, Kutiman Orchestra and Yael Deckelbaum to name a few.